Wedding Dance FAQs

What should we bring to our Introductory Wedding Lesson?
Wear comfortable shoes that you can't step out of. Leather soled shoes are best. Ballroom dance shoes aren't required. Also, please bring the song you'd like to dance to. If you haven't decided yet that's ok, feel free to bring a selection of different songs or visit our wedding song selector. Some couples actually pick the song based on which dance applies (and how easy that dance is to learn).
What happens on the Introductory Wedding Lesson?
Please allow 40 to 50 minutes of time. Our Wedding Coordinator will listen to the song that you have chosen and make recommendations to your instructor based on a number of factors, including how much time you have before the big day, previous dance experience, and the difficulty of the dance. Your instructor will then spend 35 to 40 minutes instructing you on the basics necessary for your wedding day. Once completed, we will spend some time at the end of the session scheduling future lessons, if you decide to continue.
Do I have to purchase lessons if I try the Introductory Wedding Lesson?
No, the Introductory Wedding Lesson is simply a way for you to see how easy and quick it is to learn to dance with a private instructor. There is never any pressure to purchase private lessons.
How early should we start taking dance lessons before our wedding?
The earlier the better but most couples start somewhere between 6 months before to 2 week before their wedding date. We recommend starting 3 to 6 months before your wedding day. Starting earlier relieves some of the stress of learning a new dance, as well as adding some fun moves to your dance so your wedding guest will enjoy your special dance.
Is the wedding dance a choreographed routine?
It can be but this might take most couples several months of dance lessons and somewhere in the range of 30 private dance lessons to learn a choreographed routine. Many couples opt for a partially choreographed routine, which doesn't require as much time or lessons.
Do we have to have a song picked out for our wedding dance?
No, but it is a good to have an idea of what you want your dance to look or feel like. Sometimes couples choose their song based on the dance they like the best. We can definitely assist wedding couples in choosing their wedding song from lists of songs we already have in our database of music. Also, there are websites with lists of songs that are commonly used for wedding first dances.
How long should our wedding first dance last?
Generally, the wedding dance song should not be between two to three minutes. If the song is longer, our Wedding Coordinator can custom edit your song to fit your needs. Some couples choose to let the song continue and invite their family and guests on to the floor to join in.
What type of dance styles are best for our wedding dance?
Most wedding couples select a slower, romantic style of music for their wedding dance. We recommend the slower dances like waltz, rumba and foxtrot. If a couple enjoys a certain type of dance like Latin dance including salsa or merengue those work well for weddings too.
Do we bring our music to our lesson?
Yes, if you have already chosen your music bring it to your lesson on a CD, flash drive, IPod or MP3 player so your wedding dance professional can listen and choreograph parts of your wedding dance to the music you have chosen.
What if one of us already knows how to dance and the other one doesn't dance?
The most important thing during a wedding dance lesson is that you enjoy the lesson together. Let the dance teacher do the teaching, don't teach each other. Also, remember to encourage each other since learning to dance can be stressful. The wedding dance lessons can be the start to a lifelong enjoyable activity that you can enjoy together. This is a good time to learn how to enjoy each other, be patient and compassionate with each other so that every aspect of your wedding dance is enjoyable and romantic.